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Light & Living is a wholesale concept of Lightmakers B.V., which was founded more than 40 yours ago in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Originally a producer of lampshades, we know exactly what good lighting can do for a room. Today, we still make customized lampshades and limited editions by hand in our workplace in Noordwijk.

Nowadays our collection not only consists of lampshades. We offer all other kinds of decorative lighting and accessories in different styles as well. Light & Living has a fixed collection that has proven to be very successful over the last few years. Besides that, we present a seasonal collection twice a year, that will most certainly enthuse you.

Light & Living exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Besides our head office in Noordwijk, we also have offices in Norway and China. You can view our collection online in our webshop.  You can also find us at several international fairs and Dutch cash & carry's, where we present the Light & Living collection.

Attention! Light & Living is a B2B wholesale concept. We only sell to businesses, not to consumers.

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Light & Living - Netherlands (Head office)

's Gravendijckseweg 8
2201 CZ Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Tel.    +31 (0)71 - 367 22 40

Team Light & Living UK

Alison Polley
UK Sales Manager
(Region: South England, Channel Islands)
Tel.     +44 (0)73 91 62 95 06

Ed Smith
Account Manager
(Region: Wales, Midlands, West England)
Tel.     +44 (0)77 71 95 45 82 

Vicky Lee
Account Manager
(Region: North England, Scotland)
Tel.     +44 (0)73 87 26 94 54

Martin Morris
Account Manager
(Region: East Midlands, East Anglia, South Yorkshire)
Tel.     +44 (0)79 79 46 29 94

Our agents for Ireland & Northern Ireland

Sandra Howard
Area Sales agent
Tel.     (00353) 087 9887084

Peadar Howard
Area Sales agent
Tel.     (00353) 086 6084080

Bank account

Bank of America N.A. (Only £, G.B.P.)
2 King Edward Street,
London, EC1A 1HQ
IBAN: GB33 BOFA 1650 5052 0710 17

Lockboxes via Normal Post (Only £, G.B.P.)
Bank of America NA - London
LB ID: 429 - Light & Living           
PO Box 148       
S98 1HR             
United Kingdom             

Lockboxes via Special Delivery Mail (Only £, G.B.P.)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch   
C/O Documetric Ltd       
Lowton Way     
S66 8RY              
United Kingdom

Showroom Scandinavia

Kjennergrinda 2,
3420 Lierskogen
Tel. +47 32852145

Light & Living  - Cash & Carry Sauerland

Zum Möhnewehr 28
59755 Arnsberg
Tel. +49 (0) 2932 21928 

Light & Living - Deko Messezentrum AG
(Eröffnung: 27 Juli 2019)

Im Oberen Weidig 3
D-98631 Grabfeld

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UK Team

UK Team

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What's new?

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